What if the venue doesn't have a piano?

No problem. We can provide a top quality, digital piano and sound system which can even be played outside as required. The digital piano can also be moved around within a venue taking around twenty minutes to set up.

Does a digital piano sound as good as a proper piano?

It does depend on the quality of the proper piano that you are comparing. A digital piano is nearly always better than the piano you will find at a venue. Digital pianos are modelled ('sampled') on the very best grand pianos available and replicate both the sound and the action.You can hear the quality of the instrument by listening to the music on this site.

Does a digital piano look like a normal piano?

No, but it does look presentable. Please look under photos.

Do you just play jazz numbers?

For wedding receptions the most popular repertoire is a wide and varied choice of popular music interspersed with jazz standards.
For wedding ceremonies, we can advise and suggest examples of suitable music to enhance the occasion, which usually includes something from the 'classical' repertoire.

How much space do you need?

A piano duo, using a digital piano and microphone can fit into the tiniest of spaces - a minimal 1 metre X 2.5 metres is more than adequate.

Is all your electrical equipment PAT tested ?

Yes, the current certificate expires April 2013.